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Doorastha promoting Gender Equality and women’s leadership within the community.

The enterprises promote gender equality and women leadership within the community by focusing on the sustainable energy solution to reach out to women leading to reduction in drudgery, job creation and increase in disposable income that are fundamental to empowering women.

Now women are engaged in income generating activities such as home-based business creating less-gender disparity. The aim of the enterprises is also creating empathy and humility towards one another so as to create a positive impact that would leave an impression for further social changes in the society.

Women play a distinct role in leading global energy transition. The enterprises endeavors to integrate women along the entire value chain from bringing energy solutions to women entrepreneurs to valued employees.

Women leadership within the enterprises can be seen from an active engagement on issues to improving access through promotion of sustainable energy transition promoting both social and environmental goals. Women employee are leading the transition in energy system and increasing their own diversity in no. of women staff and engaging women at the community level. Thus, through technology application in renewable energy women are deriving thought leadership towards environment sustainability.