We are smart analytics and network Intelligence company. Need any help?

The organization undertakes situation analysis to understand the challenges associated with communities, inequalities suffered by women, girls, youth and of those living in isolated geographical areas. Our Solution takes the inequalities in account and devises innovative technological solution leaving no one behind.

We believe to create an ecosystem in which sustained economic growth can be achieved with higher levels of productivity through technological innovation. Income inequality is one of the global problems which involves strengthening of institutions, monitoring of financial markets and encouraging development assistance.

The key objective of the organization is to encourage local market entrepreneurship which will lead to job creation, reduced migration and will enable decent work and economic growth to both women and men. Hence, through catalyzing Decentralized renewable energy for the rural community and rural SMEs will not only save money by switching from expensive kerosene, torches, candles to solar lights but will also increase in livelihood and prosperity