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In situ Installation of iLUMY Router No. 1 in progress by our Product Development Executive, at an existing Micro Grid.

iLUMY DC Grid Meter. This is the first prototype and further product improvements are in progress.

iLUMY Routers No. 1 and 2 are also prototypes, and being developed further.

Illustration of iLUMY’s Remote Web monitoring application for remote Micro Grids

iLUMY Meter installed at our local partner’s Solar Grid control centre

Monitoring of remote Routers in progress as seen on the iLUMY Web app

In situ iLUMY Router installed at the local hamlet test site in Eastern Uttar Pradesh

Doorastha’s Product Development Executive, Praveen Kr. Ray is all smiles, installing the iLUMY meters at village houses

Individual user’s iLUMY meters installed in village homes

Acquiring the data from an iLUMY meter with a wireless touch function, on iLUMY’s mobile Network Controller app